Brain Teaser: How Intelligent Are You? Can You Tell How Many Blocks Are There In 12 Seconds?

Are you ready to challenge your brain and test your IQ? Brain teasers are a fun and engaging way to sharpen your cognitive abilities, improve your attention to detail, and sharpen your problem-solving skills.

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In this viral brain teaser game, you need to test your observation skills and determine how many blocks there are in the image.

Can you count the blocks accurately in just 12 seconds? Let’s see if you have the sharp mind and keen eyes to solve this puzzle!

Brain teasers and answers

If you’re still wondering how many bricks there are in this picture, here’s the answer. There are 9 in total.

How many blocks are there? Brain teaser IQ testIf you enjoy playing this brain teaser challenge, please share this popular brain teaser with your friends and family and challenge them to tell how many blocks there are in this picture in 8 seconds or less.

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